Magical Mindful Opportunities

The magic is in the mundane.

Over the last few years, our family has been on a journey of seeking: joy, balance and clean laundry. Truly, we are perpetually overcome with our laundry baskets. My husband is constantly asking if I know where (insert sought after item of clothing) would be located. I never know. Neither of us like doing laundry (shocker) but it's one of those pesky things that needs to be done. It's one of our grace points. But yes, also joy and balance. Insert mindfulness. Mindfulness is a technique that I teach my clients and family and it's served us in so many ways. It's one of the best ways to enhance mood and promote inner peace, despite living without neatly folded clothes.  
It’s in noticing the everyday experiences (that seem so trivial) that can make a huge difference in mindfully enhancing our lives.

One Christmas Eve morning I was up early before the rest of my family and was preparing to start our unavoidably hectic (but fun) day and was brewing coffee in my Keurig. Because every mom needs coffee at Christmas time. While I would usually press start and then go on my way to do other things, I found an opportunity to center myself. It's a little bit of magic when you receive messages to slow your roll. Right then and there. Right there with my cup of coffee. I stood in front of it and just watched the coffee pouring into my cup. I focused on my breath (mindful focus) and just watched. As thoughts popped into my head which were either judgmental (what in the world am I doing?) or anxious (I could really be rallying in this moment and be productive!) I returned my attention to watching the movement of the coffee into my cup. I was tired and this was not a perfect practice, however it created a small shift in me. And I found a meaningful message that seemed to be meant just for me in that moment. And that message is to find the magic in the mundane.

Find the opportunities for growth in the seemingly insignificant moments.

Again, it’s not a perfect practice. But nothing truly is. There are days that I hurriedly prepare whatever it is that I’m drinking that morning. The grace point comes when I am aware of this and I am able to shift back to balance.

Find simple ways of being balanced that work for you and continue to shift back into them whenever you find opportunities to do so.

If you are ever around children, you will find that they do this quite often. They will pause and look at the ground and notice an ant. They might stare at the ant until it scurries into the grass, simply watching it go by. In all their wonder, they may enjoy watching cars drive by in front of their house. Watching in awe as these huge machines speed by. Humans of many mindful talents, children are also able to shift back to center much faster than their adult counterparts. If they are unhappy, we usually know about it. And they typically either release their emotions quickly through expression or do something else to make themselves feel better. These seemingly small acts of children are truly meaningful and admirable. They find small moments and whirl them into a fun, impactful experiences.


What are some activities or tasks that you practice every day that you can recreate into something mindfully magical? Do you typically quickly drink your coffee, and could perhaps take a moment to slow down?

With love and mindful growth,